Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes
Masking Tape

Crepe paper coated with solvent rubber adhesive. Exhibit excellent finger tack, good adhesion and cohesion strength.
Gummed Paper Tape

Virgin kraft paper coated with modified starch. Exhibit very good adhesion. Especially suitable for wet surfaces which could be a problem for other adhesives.
Siliconised Kraft Paper Tape

Siliconised PE laminated brown kraft paper coated with solvent rubber adhesive. The tape is easy to unwind, possess high strength and have excellent resistance and is tearable.
Cellulose Tape and Stationery Tape
Cellulose Tapes Features:
Cellulose film coated with rubber solvent adhesive. Easy tear, suitable to use without dispenser.

Stationery Tapes Features:
Stationery tapes are manufactured with BOPP film with water based acrylic adhesive. The process is done so that it has the “easy-tear” characteristic on one side of the tapes.
Cloth Tape

Polyethylene laminated cloth coated with pressure sensitive rubber adhesive exhibits a strong adhesion on most surfaces. It is durable and hand tearable, moisture resistance, provides excellent flexibility on bends and contours.
Double Sided Coated Tape

Coated with specially formulated Pressure Sensitive acrylic adhesive, exhibits good tack, peel strength and cohesion strength.

P.E. Foam:
Double Sided White Foam Tape exhibits high adhesion and cohesion, suitable for indoor condition and mounting purposes.
Double Sided Black Foam Tape exhibits excellent gap filling properties. It is ideal for mounting and holding fixtures material for both indoor and outdoor usage.

EVA Foam:
EVA Foam Tape exhibits high adhesion and cohesion, abrasion resistance and vibration isolation.
Hard PVC Tape

Hard PVC Tape is a pressure sensitive tape produced from Poly-Vinyl Chloride Film and coated with a specially formulated rubber based adhesive.
Excellent eventual bond and instantaneous tack. High tensile strength of PVC film provides excellent impact resistance. Easy to tear by hand.

Transparent and Brown, Coloured Tapes
Biaxially orientated polypylene film coated with water-based acrylic. The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) exhibits good tack, peel strength and adhesion strength.

Printed Tapes
The printed tapes are manufactured using reverse printing which is resistance to abrasion on the printed face.

Low-Noise Tapes
Low-Noise Tapes provide a solution to sound pollution especially in enclosed packing areas.

Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer

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