Cellulose Tape & Stationery Tape

cellulose tape
Adhesive Tapes
Cellulose Tape And Stationery Tape

Cellulose Tapes
Cellulose film coated with rubber solvent adhesive. Easy tear, suitable to use without any dispenser.

Stationery Tapes
Stationery tapes are manufactured with BOPP film with water-based acrylic adhesive. The process is done so that it has the "easy-tear" characteristic on one side of the tapes.

  • Office use
  • The cellulose tapes are ideal for use in gift wrapping. The solvent adhesive provides good adhesion on the plastic wrappers
  • Standard Sizes
    • Width: 12mm, 18mm, 24mm
    • Length: 33m (Other width and length also available upon request)
    • Core Diameter: 1 ins & 3 ins
  • Standard Packing (with inner box - optional)
    • Width / Number of rolls per box: 12mm / 12 rolls, 18mm / 8 rolls, 24mm / 6 rolls
  • Physical Properties
    • Adhesion: 0.45 kgs / 12mm
    • Holding power: 0.8mm / 2 hrs
    • Ball tack: 20#