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Emulsion Polymers - Paints, Textiles, Textured Coatings

Styrene Acrylate for Interior Paints
Full Acrylic for Premium Quality Paints
Full Acrylic elastic textile binder
Duracryl 8866 is a water-based fine particle size emulsion polymer formulated for use in textile printing and in the formulation of elastic silkscreen printing dyes.
Duracryl 8866 uniquely self-crosslinking and consequently imparts excellent elasticity, wash resistance and durability to the printed fabric.
Duracryl 8866 can be formulated with or without additional organic solvents.
Duracryl 8866 is acrylic and is extremely resistant to hear and ultraviolet irradiation.
Textured Coatings
Acrylic Copolymer for Textured Coatings
Duracryl 8896 is a uniquely designed acrylic copolymer that provides excellent flow and leveling properties even at high pigment/filler loading. It is formulated for excellent hardness development and is extremely durable against alkali and ultraviolet irradiation.
Duracryl 8896 is suitable for interior and exterior high-build and textured coatings.
Water Proofing
Acrylic Copolymer for Waterproofing
Duracryl 8699 combines various emulsion polymer technologies to provide coatings that are extremely elastic and water resistant without sacrificing dirt pickup resistance and durability.
Unlike most commercial grades of emulsion polymers in the same category, Duracryl 8699 is formulated for the tropical climate and hence provide coatings that are more resistant to weathering and dirt pickup.
Duracryl 8699 is uniquely formulated to be able to bridge hairline cracks in masonry substrates in order to better preserve the aesthetic values of the coating for longer periods of time.

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